Growth Strategies

Shy ? Try an Explainer Video

If you’re not too comfortable in front of the camera but you hear ‘you MUST do video’ to promote yourself or your business, perhaps test out an ‘explainer white board video’ for your business. [...]

Blue Monday?

Blue Monday getting to you? If you’re suffering from overwhelm or procrastination today, start with a short list of what needs to be done and take one thing at a time. Action action [...]

Urgent Tasks Versus Important Tasks

Being busy with jobs that must get done now can take over your work life.  Between rushing to and from various jobs, we don’t take enough time out to see the wood for the trees. In order to Grow [...]

VITAL skills to Improve your business

Are communication skills valuable?  Yes, VITAL ! Always put yourself in your customers shoes when communicating with them.    Ensure a great customer experience. Clarity ensures clients know what [...]

Grow Your Sales ; Grow Your Business

In order to grow our businesses, we must understand our net profit.  In all businesses it will not matter how much you grow your sales if your fixed and variable costs are too high. Firstly, work [...]

Making Plans Will Save You Money

By planning in relation to personal tax or company taxes, it allows you to potentially save money.  You can minimise the tax effect of what you are doing, potentially. Maximising reliefs and [...]

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